Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Marathon Talk With God

This story is an excerpt from my faith journey article that I wrote back in 2006 for our church newsletter. Many people seem to like hearing it, although it's probably only a good reason to believe for me rather than you. This isn't the only reason I switched from being a skeptic to a believer, but it sure softened me up for other events that followed in my life. Call it a huge stepping stone in learning to doubt my doubts.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Doubts You Don't Have to Have

For most of 30 years I only went to church at Christmas & Easter...when forced to by family. I wasn’t sure how to describe my faith, but believer is not the word I would have used. Now I think calling people atheists & christian or believer & unbeliever is too black & white. I think most of us live in the gray, messy middle between 100% belief & 100% doubt. Now I define faith as belief in spite of doubt rather than the absence of doubt. What changed it all for me was reading a book1 that addressed a lot of my doubts. Now I know some doubts are just due to not having enough information. Click the doubt, if you want a more detailed discussion.