Wednesday, August 2, 2017

God's Greatest Power?!

God's greatest power might be the ability to turn the bad into good. Why? It all started in '94...

In '94, my wife Nancy developed breast cancer. She had surgery to remove the tumor followed by chemotherapy & radiation treatments. I'd come home from work & find her just lying on the couch crying. I got laid off in the middle of it all too. To make matters worse, the chemotherapy put her into early menopause at age 34, so we would never be able to have children. '94 was a bad year to say the least.

Things got better little by little, though. The cancer was caught early & my wife remains cancer free to this day. I got a new job within a month. With my severance, I actually made more being unemployed. In '98 we adopted a little girl from China. That little girl has become the light of our life & the best thing that ever happened to us. To wish my wife had never had cancer is to wish away the reason we have our daughter.

Sometimes we can't see the good that comes out of the bad, but that doesn't mean that God's not out there turning the bad into good & we should give up on him. It took me 10 years to realize that God took the worst thing that ever happened to us & turned it into the best gift he ever gave us. I'm not sure if God causes all the bad things that happen, but I think he is a master at turning the bad into the good. We just have to learn to look for the good & remember that it can take a while to see it.

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